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Thank You to the Relles Family

We are overwhelmed by the generous sponsorship from the Relles Family for the new 3-Bay Swing Set which is now installed at Kids Castle for all to enjoy. Their gift and kindness greatly helps us continue our move forward with the necessary improvements needed at Kids Castle for children of all abilities.

The goal achieved through ongoing donations and sponsorships like this, is a new play environment at Kids Castle that welcomes everyone including children with sensory processing disorders, autism, and people of all ages using wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Their generous sponsorship goes directly to help make Inclusive play and physical accessibility on our playground possible. This 3-Bay Swing Set also includes a Special Needs Swing Seat with full body support for children in need of this feature so they can enjoy this simple pleasure along with the other children playing beside them.

Through these improvements at the Kids Castle, children with diverse abilities will grow in the self-confidence that comes along with that sense of belonging created on our playground as they interact with each other and play together as one.

While play is an important part of children’s developmental needs, it has to be fun enough for them to want to be part of the experience… and the improvements at Kids Castle will provide that opportunity for all children.

Thanks to the ongoing support of caring people like the Relles Family, the magic that is Kids Castle will continue forward for the thousands of children who visit Kids Castle each year and for generations to come.

We also express or sincere thanks to Lauren Sheehan who secured this sponsorship and who continues to successfully raise funds for our Kids Castle project.

Please consider helping with your donation in any amount through the Donate Your Way program on our website at
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