Molly & John Gribb Contribute to Kids Castle

Improvements at Kids Castle continue with the addition of four new play pieces for children ages 2 to 5, made possible through a grant from the Timken Foundation and a generous donation from Molly and John Gribb who sponsored the Jet Spring Rider (pictured).

Volunteers continue to work with the community and the Township as part of Phase 2 improvements, which is called Build the Kingdom at Kids Castle.

The Kingdom is the entire play area that surrounds the Castle within the fence-line and the plan is to continue adding new play pieces until the entire kingdom is build.

“Our overall plan for the Kingdom at Kids Castle is to provide new opportunities for play to children of all ages and abilities at graduated levels of challenge to ensure that each child is actively engaged on our playground” said Joe Salvati, Chairman of the Friends of Kids Castle Committee – a volunteer group focused on these ongoing improvements.

“Kids Castle has always been a magical place where children come to play and explore and now through these improvements that magic will continue forward for children of all abilities including those with special needs,” said Salvati.

Kids Castle is a community funded playground located at Central Park in Doylestown Township. It was built in 1997 without the use of tax dollars. All major renovations of the Castle and the surrounding play areas over the past eighteen years have been accomplished through financial support from the community, grants, volunteer work & in-kind donations of goods & services.

“We are actively pursuing grants, ongoing donations and sponsorships to add these new play pieces,” said Salvati, “While we are making progress, it can only continue through financial contributions.”

To find out how you can support Kids Castle and the initiative to Build the Kingdom, visit the “Donate Your Way” section of their website at