Saving Stories of Kids Castle

pen_to-paperTo celebrate the history of Kids Castle and the efforts of the Save Kids Castle project, we are building an accessible online database of photos and memories for everyone to enjoy.

We need YOUR voice! To do this, send us a handwritten letter of your memories of Kids Castle and why it’s significant to you and your family. If you’d like, you can also submit photos and drawings too. We will then scan the materials and add it to our library!

This is an activity the entire family can participate in! Sit down with your children and ask them what they love most about the castle and their favorite memories of playing there.

Maybe their favorite part was the twisty slide, or racing their friends to the very top, having a birthday party at the castle, or learning how to swing on the swings. Allow them to be creative. Encourage them to write the letter themselves, or if they can’t yet write, ask them to create a sketch!

Or maybe your children have grown up and they’ve gotten too tall to roam the castle as they did in elementary school. Maybe you’re an adult reminiscing on all the wonderful times you had playing at Kids Castle. Tell us about a favorite memory.

Why handwritten letters?

We believe that handwritten letters capture feelings in the most sincere and tangible way possible. Instead of type on a computer screen, these memories will be forever kept on paper and unable to be deleted. They will be a reflection of all the hard work volunteers have put into Save Kids Castle even after all the construction and revitalization work is done.

The Saving Stories project is an opportunity to preserve our community’s memories about Kids Castle, and forever lock our love for this special place into Bucks County’s identity. Years and years later, you can go back on the site and find your letter again to show your kids. It will truly be something special. Let’s make history.

Want to participate? It’s easy:

1. Write a letter, find a photo, or draw a picture

2. Mail it to us with your name and contact information

Mailing Address:

Saving Stories of Kids Castle

728 Marcus Circle

Warrington, PA 18976

Questions? Email Katy Ma at