Thank You Jeanne & John Hubbard

We are overjoyed by the extremely generous donation received from Jeanne & John Hubbard.

Together they sponsored the Castle Bridge, the Rock Block Bridge, and the Drop Zone play pieces. In addition, they also sponsored the Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones works of art that adorn our playground, which are part of our Save The Children’s Artwork Sponsorship Program.

The money raised through their generous sponsorships goes directly toward making Inclusive play and physical accessibility on our playground possible by helping us continue our move forward with the necessary improvements needed at Kids Castle for children of all abilities.

Through these improvements, children with diverse abilities will grow in the self-confidence that comes along with that sense of belonging by welcoming everyone to join in the fun at our playground including children with sensory processing disorders, autism, and people of all ages using wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

While play is an important part of children’s developmental needs, it also has to be fun enough for them to want to be part of that experience… and these improvements at Kids Castle will accomplish that goal for all children.

Thanks to the ongoing support of caring people like the Hubbard Family; the magic that is Kids Castle will continue forward for the thousands of children who visit the playground each year and for thousands more who will have a new opportunity to join in the fun.

Please consider joining our Circle of Friends who are helping to provide a place to play for all children by making a donation in any amount you can afford.

Visit the Donate Your Way section of our website at

Thank you all!